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Static or dynamic?
Whenever I get an idea about something and keep it, I make it sterile...
When I found out I started to ensure that my thought was always temporary, as a dynamic dance, inconsistent as the flow of a stream, as unstable as the clouds. Then I began to understand the interesting side observation. The tango was no longer tango, people were no longer those always submitted to my static judgment, life processes turned out to be incredibly more complex than expected. When I tried to make dynamic my vantage point I noticed that my shoulders were straight, the consistency was not a strength but a weakness, the thoughts have become brighter and my dance has become available to the service. The eyes start opening, my breathing has improved, the tension has melted, the balance has become dynamic...

Infinity of Shen Wei:

To our mind there is still something that has a beginning and an end. Two parallel lines eventually meet somewhere really far away? According to our mind has really to happen. Even Galileo could not find a solution to its paradoxes and this led him to deny, as a mathematician, the possibility to investigate the infinite. This appears to me as a preconception of a mind that does not admit characteristics of infinity. And so that, against the rules of physics, we assume a Big Bang and thus justify the linearity of our thinking. In our human way of thinking, all that exists in a remote time appeared from nowhere... Everything that exists should be initiated at a time and in a point and must end into another time and in a different place.

But watching and participating in the Shen Wei dance, one can have the feeling that this linearity of thought is lost. The two spirals of your DNA actually become 3 but do not end there. You have the feeling that the scenes are never started and will never end. You have the feeling that the four dimensions in which they normally live and with which you measure objects, experiences, and life processes, become 5, 6, 7... Hypnosis transports you into a world where you will not be anymore the same. Your Universe is divided to start include another. A new universe that is expressed in size and no longer in physical quantities. It ' a magical experience that you stay inside for days...

Shen Wei, the genius, the magician and the infinite. A bow.

In the Geisha's Memories ["Nella memoria di una Geisha"]

In the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" the main character in a scene says that everything is a dance ...

You can meet the dance in the cells and planets, in the neurons of a siren and those of a baboon, in the silent movies and vidoclip, but also in illegal betting on the receipt that rolls out of the chest, in the slips on banana peels and in the choreography of the Olympics, in the duels between Samurai and also in the filing of a sword, when your boyfriend pulls a vacuum cleaner and when you're beaten egg. Even in a business dispute, in the seduction of two lovers, in the ants that chase each other guided by a trail of hormones, in the slow development of a shell, in the game of dice, in the flame of a candle, in the canopy of an elm, the lion tamer's whip in pencil that glides on ...

Forget, however, to find two people arguing ...

"THE ENERGY HAS NOT A SHAPE"  ["L'Energia non ha forma"]

I think it's better when the energy does not have a fixed shape. This is my temporary thinking as the dance with swords increase my speed.When thought become dense and seeks an order of permanent type , the following happens: Energy is closed in a Form. When our heart is in trouble, when we lose the naturalness, our energy takes a form, from time to time, fitting inside. When thinking prevents us from dancing, it becomes fixed, repetitive, steady, still, takes the form of a cylinder, a sphere, a bottle, a car, a desire. This is the best way to give our enemy a point of application of the forces. When I give a point of application to my opponent, he knows where promptly put his sword... That, for the warrior, is a mistake.When I move myself directed by thought, I am slow. If I am slow my opponent comes long before me, before I wake up, if he comes before me, he decides where to put his sword and perhaps in this case, I'm already dead...If I do not close the energy in a form that occupies the entire space it expands, then my being is free to dance, to make my kimono fly, to spin with his sword. I'm here but i am also there, I am earth and also sky. I am a tree, but also a hawk ... that looks like a cat.

"THE GUARDIAN DOES NOT DANCE"  - [Il Guardiano non Danza]
Many people is rightly convinced that the Opponent is within us, it has become a trend, but no one feels the true separation he creates by sitting in its annex. I am not saying that this assumption is not true, but I would focus on something bigger, because it seems that after realizing that the opponent is "within us", he can be defeated, faced, evaded, deterred in a confident and resolute way.
Instead, I would look at my opponent as something ubiquitous that prevents communication between the other and me; it prevents communication among my parts; it slows down my will; it make me under the illusion that there are no hopes, that what I look at is true and unchanging, in short, the great Theatre of my Limiting Beliefs; above all,  it makes me feel invisible, sometimes it goes over the top making me believe it does not even exist. Often it is the responsible of pessimism and fear; many times it is the creator of our "strict logic"
So, I think our Opponent is our Helper, the guardian of the "House"; the one that does not allow strangers to get inside; the one that keep away any possibility of danger; the one that forbids us to fall into inconvenient traps; the one that keeps mowed the grass and  that constantly watering our bushes to separate the garden from the curious people; the one that unleashes the dogs if someone threatens any type of intrusion (that is a change the system).

e hired him to help us and in the end of the day, isolating ourselves from the experiences, it keeps our house in order, but our family in the chaos of misunderstandings. It goes to everyone and says, "smoke the last cigarette tomorrow", "life is short, take advantages whenever it’s possible", "start your diet on Monday", "you have no reason to resist this temptation".
That is the reason why the dance does not make us suffer. Through dancing, I stop separation, I cease to act in a so insensitive and reacting way; while I am dancing I transform the chaos inside me and the light comes back.

"SEDUCE YOUR OPPONENT" - [Seduci il tuo Avversario]

“Don’t believe in what you don’t live, my Master said. Touch and measure your life through what really happens and use your imagination to make projects but don’t believe in it as reality”
“But how can we fix the entire invisible world that you talk about?” That was my question.
“Imagination must exists, as much as the real world and both can be visible and invisible. One goes deep inside the other; so be wary of who doesn’t believe that 2 plus 2 doesn’t give 4, but be wary also of who believe that 2 plus 2 can’t give other results. Every action can give many possible results according to where and how is your position; the most important thing is not lying, that is the incapability to communicate to ourselves. The mistake is living mostly in imagination”.
I was listening and it was such an effort try to understand! Nevertheless, I knew also that I had to train hard to understand effortlessly. He said:  “When you fight, if you really have to, do it effortlessly, as you dance, as you want to seduce your Opponent In this way you will be in visible and invisible world.”
Thank you Master, now I know what you meant as Opponent.

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