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TaiTango & Tango Workshops

Giuseppe Lotito & Anka Kuehnel

Lesson 1 

19.5 Monday 21:30

Basic steps in parallel and cross system. Discovering the logic of tango dancing: Walking and turning. From open to closed embrace.

Lesson 2 

21.5 Wednesday 21:00

The logic of improvisation with parada and sacada, from forward or backward step, combining the two possible relations. Independent embrace.

Lesson 3

22.5 Thursday 21:00

Simple ways to lead a boleo, while keeping the connection. On- and off axis, various techniques in favor and in opposition to direction of walking or turning. Loosening and getting back to the embrace.

Lesson 4

23.5 Friday 16:00

Four kinds of ganchos: From protogancho to gancho by off axis, gancho by invasion, gancho by rotation. How to manage the embrace.

Lesson 5

24.5 Saturday 12:00

Changes of direction in the rotating system, from classic to contemporary, from open to closed embrace.

The first 30 minutes of every class will be spent on exercises of connection. 
The main purpose of the workshop is to learn the logic of tango, and gain tools to improvise freely in connection with the partner and the music, 
rather than learning definite sequences of elements.

Class duration: 90 min.


054 598 47 37

Studio Fly / 5 Hissin st. Tel Aviv


X1...120 NIS

X3...100 NIS

X5...90 NIS

X5...80 NIS payment until 10th of Mai


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